Monday, September 26, 2011

Progress toward Freelancing Goals: Third-Quarter Roundup

I just realized that the end of the third quarter is nigh. It's a good time to take stock of how Transformations Editing's business year has gone so far.

Last year, I set quarterly income goals and put them in my project tracking spreadsheet. I exceeded my first-quarter goal and was terribly proud of myself. I was cautiously optimistic about meeting the rest of my goals for the year. However, after a quarter so dry that virtual tumbleweeds blew across my monitor, I figured it was best to suspend quarterly goal setting for 2011. I just couldn't set myself up for that kind of disappointment again.

It was a pleasant surprise when 2011 started off well. I welcomed a new editing client, and another major client's publishing schedule picked up, sending lots of proofreading work my way. In the second quarter, I began working with a new proofreading client, and I took on a major writing/editing project that provided significant income for both that quarter and this one.

Key to my increased workload is expanding my reach with existing clients. For example, I now proofread journal articles for one of my "book clients," and I've edited training manuals for two departments I hadn't worked with before at another longtime "book client."

Other signs of progress: I've been working nearly nonstop this year and have not been able to accept all of the work I've been offered. I have acquired three new clients and am hoping to begin working with a fourth later this year. (Two of them found me through my Editorial Freelancers Association profile. If you are a freelancer but not a member of EFA, consider joining. Setting up a profile is simple, "passive" marketing that should eventually yield new business.)

I'm feeling positive about Transformations Editing's trajectory. I hope that 2012 is an even stronger year.

Freelancers, how has your year gone so far? Do you set quarterly goals and reassess at the end of each quarter?

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