Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Fun: Of Eggs and Expectations for 2012

Image: Simon Howden /

I love eggs. I sometimes say I could eat them every day, but that's not really true; sometimes I contemplate scrambling up a couple, then realize I'm just not in the mood. But I am always in the mood for deliciously image-rich writing, and that's just what Janet A. Zimmerman serves up in this great piece on poaching eggs. A couple of grade-A quotes:

It's this thin white that dances its tarantella in the poaching liquid and makes your poached egg splay like the wild hair of a crazy scientist. 

Besides, it's really cool to watch an egg expel a jet of tiny gas bubbles and break the water's surface like a miniature submarine.

I've never poached an egg, but now I almost feel as if I have, or could. I love writing that makes me feel as if I have been somewhere I may never go, or done something I don't have the courage to do. (I count egg poaching among these things. I am not the swiftest or most coordinated cook, and I hate to waste food.)

What have you read recently that has taken you on a journey to another place, be it exotic or mundane?


It has been a very good year for Transformations Editing. I've worked with new clients and tried my hand at new kinds of work, including editing professional training materials and policy briefs and proofreading academic journal articles.

I'd like to do at least as much business in 2012, but things may slow down a bit toward mid-year: if the stars align correctly, Transformations Editing will be relocating. Preparing for a move will mean less time at the computer and proofing table for a while, but don't worry--I will be back, and even better able to serve you from (presumably) much-improved digs.

But all that is months away. For now, the beginning of next year promises to be as busy as the end of this one, but please contact me regarding any editing or proofreading work that will begin in January or later.