Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Proofreader's Table

(From left to right, roughly)

Darling iPad, second love of my life.

Red pens, tiny Post-Its, napkins (why so many? I don't know), gift box containing a heart-shaped paperweight, binder clip.

Manuscript, thoughtfully hole-punched and put in a binder by my client.

Pack o' Post-Its atop a book-shaped decorative box holding more red pens, page flags, and other proofing miscellania.

Proofs of a book on educational equity in teaching K-8 mathematics.

Aged but still perfectly functional calculator on top of a page of notes about the proofs.

Tea mug: indispensable.


CMS (yes, I still use the 15th edition).

Page flags, white-out pen, red pencil.

Already-read pages, overturned.

(Table: our former dining table, the perfect size and shape for spreading out.)

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