Thursday, March 14, 2013

A "Pi-Ku" for Pi Day

It's Pi Day, and editors everywhere are rejoicing.

Well, maybe not.

Pi Day, March 14--you know, 3.14--is a nod to the mathematical constant π that even we language types remember from middle-school math class. I'm a mathematics proofreader (and occasional editor), so I may be more aware of this geeky "holiday" than others who work with words. (But I admit I'd never heard of Pi Day until I began working for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics [NCTM].)

Some celebrate March 14 by eating pie. I am celebrating by sharing this "pi-ku," via NCTM's Illuminations teaching resources initiative.

If you are a publisher of mathematics resources for teachers or students and are looking for an experienced freelance editor or proofreader, you can celebrate Pi Day by contacting me.